Crane Inspection & Repair


Trained and Experienced Personnel

CMAA, OSHA, ASME, and other technical training. Our technicians have up to 30+

years of crane experience.

24 hours / 7-days per week availability & Emergency Response

We are ready and able to help with repairs on your schedule.   Minimize costly down time. We can also provide emergency repair response within 24-hours.

OSHA Inspections

We update our crane inspection services to comply with the latest OSHA advancements. We can help you ensure compliance to OSHA regulations and carry out all necessary repairs with a regularly scheduled maintenance program.

Preventative Maintenance

After years of wear and tear, deteriorating lifting equipment can affect productivity and efficiency. Our experts have the skills and training to identify maintenance needs at an early stage and prevent component failures before they happen.

Scheduled Repair Service

We provide a wide range of crane, hoist, and winch repair services. We offer fleet management programs, as well as individual repairs. We are able to identify and solve chronic equipment problems, and supply replacement parts.

Major Crane Repair & Rebuilding

New equipment is costly. Another solution is to let us re-build your existing crane

using new or rebuilt components.